About us

Eye on ISIS is a 501(c)3 registered charity which conducts research into Islam and Islamist movements in and outside of Libya. Its goal and core mission is to promote a more nuance and accurate understanding of Islamist movements and the threat of different strains of Islamic militancy.

Eye on ISIS formally hosted the Eye on ISIS in Libya website that has since been replaced by the Libya Security Monitor which monitors Libya’s security space more broadly. 

Libya Security Monitor

The Libya Security Monitor (LSM) is Eye on ISIS’ flagship project: a not-for-profit English-language repository of non-partisan, cross-checked information on security developments in Libya. It tracks the activities of Libya’s armed groups and political actors, international actors in Libya, Islamic State and other Libyan jihadi movements. The LSM is a valuable resource for governments, think-tanks, and businesses concerned with jihadi threats and their evolution in Libya.



Eye on ISIS is proud to support our Senior Non-Resident Fellow James M. Dorsey in his book project: The Battle for the Soul of Islam. The project explores the international rivalry for religious soft power between major Middle Eastern and Asian Muslim powers. At stake in The Battle for the Soul of Islam is which Muslim-majority country or countries will be popularly recognized as “leaders of the Islamic world” and as a result how popular notions of a moderate Islam will be defined.